The Curse Breaker Saga


Haunted by a ghost child, Sarn must solve a mystery even though no one will let him. If he fails, the same fate awaits him and his son.
Release date:
September 27, 2016

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Odd things happen around Mount Eredren. Those occurrences are building up to something and Sarn wants nothing to do with it. But he can’t escape what’s  coming.
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Sarn and his family take in a joust but the event takes a deadly turn when extinct creatures show up. Who will survive the hunters’ game?
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Sarn’s luck has finally run out. The silence hiding his son for the last four years now dooms him when an old enemy shows up to even the score. Sarn’s two lives collide and his son hangs in the balance.

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When Sarn turns twenty-one, his magic expands, driving him temporarily insane as he loses all control. For twenty-four hours straight, he’s a shambling nightmare. Long has an army slept within Mount Eredren until Sarn woke it up. Who will be left standing when the dust settles?

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Sarn grapples with the fallout from his loss of control. In the enchanted forest a new threat is stirring and his sights are set on Mount Eredren. Only Sarn can foil the kidnapper’s plans.

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Behind every evasion is a dangerous truth. After one act of bravery singles out Sarn, he’s revealed to the noble set. Truths Jerlo and Nolo have hidden from him are suddenly exposed and they shake the foundations of Sarn’s world. His newfound visibility imperils him in ways he can’t even fathom.

Release Date: 2019







Still reeling from the fallout of the revelations, Sarn finds himself embroiled in new troubles from old enemies.

Release Date: 2020








Following a vicious attack, Sarn is almost killed. Thanks to the devotion of his friends, he survives and wakes to total amnesia. And it’s the moment his brother has been waiting for six years. He spirits his amnesiac brother away from the Rangers and the healer’s care endangering Sarn’s life. It’s up to Ran and Bear to put things right before it’s too late.

Release Date: 2021